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AME builds groundbreaking healthcare infrastructure — from turnkey tertiary care hospitals to medical equipment packages and digital health solutions. We also help you finance it through financial engineering services. So you can build your patient-centred healthcare vision for tomorrow, today.

Throughout the past 29 years, we have worked on 100+ projects that cover the entire patient treatment cycle across Europe, South East Asia, Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Impacting over 200 hospitals with 56,000 beds and resulting in better access to care for more than 165 million people worldwide.


Founding AME

AME was founded by three visionary partners, Ekkehart Stremitzer, Heinz Messinger and Heinz Smidek, with vast experience in the international project business and healthcare sector. Initially, we started as an export company and independent implementer of complex technology projects. Yet it wasn’t long until the first healthcare projects began.


South-East Asia’s first filmless & paperless hospital

Our first film- and paperless hospital in Selayang, Malaysia, was the pioneer project for establishing a digital healthcare solution business segment within AME.

The endeavour entailed constructing a 960-bed hospital and implementing a Total Hospital Information System. Making it the first filmless and paperless hospital in Malaysia and South-East Asia.


AME goes → China

It was not long until we founded AME China – which was sparked by two of our initial projects receiving awards in 1996. This was the beginning of a success story, with over 50 projects completed in China to date.


Africa’s first filmless and paperless hospital

AME, as a leading member of the IMPILO Consortium (consisting of AME, SIEMENS, Drake & Scull and Vulindlela Holdings), was awarded by the Department of Health of the KwaZulu-Natal Government for the 800-bed-Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in Durban, Africa.

The initiative, structured as a public-private partnership (PPP), involved a 15-year contractual arrangement.  We covered everything from implementation to the Total Hospital Information Systems operation, medical equipment packages and facility management.


Market entry → Vietnam

Based on AME’s financial engineering we have been able to upgrade three Hospitals in the field of diagnosis (radiology), treatment (surgical procedures) and treatment (Intensive Care Units) in Hanoi, Danang and Ho-Chi-Minh City together with our Client the Ministry of Public Security. The projects were financed by utilising an Austrian soft loan, thanks to our financial engineering services. This was the first of three projects in total which AME has implemented in Vietnam.


From brain drain to brain suite

Together with the Mother Theresa Hospital in Tirana (Albania), we implemented a medical equipment package focused on Neurosurgery. The unique combination of complex neurosurgical treatment with Albania’s first linear accelerator (LINAC) delivery was a milestone for both sides.


Moldova’s 1st Neurosurgical Hybrid OT

From 2012 to 2014, we upgraded Moldova’s biggest referral hospital, the Republican Clinical Hospital in Chișinău — in two phases — financed via Austrian soft loans. The main part of the project was the realisation of Moldova’s first neurosurgical hybrid OT room. Thirty doctors were trained in reference hospitals in Austria to guarantee the best possible know-how transfer. 


Connecting a nation – 1st national digital health project in Albania

This is our hallmark project in the digital healthcare sector. It covered all 79 Albanian public hospitals and policlinics with respective hardware and an unlimited nationwide software licence for electronic health record solutions — entirely in line with EU standards.


Market Entry → Mongolia

Based on AME’s financial engineering, we have been able to upgrade the Public Servants Hospital of Mongolia’s Ministry of Defence from 2014 to 2016 by utilising an Austrian soft loan. 

This remarkable milestone was the starting point for AME’s success in Mongolia – to date, we have implemented seven projects there.


Award of AME’s 1st KFW project in China

In 2015, AME was awarded its first German KFW-loan-financed project in China. The success story in China continues. To this day, AME has implemented nine KFW-financed medical equipment package projects in China.


Kenya – AME’s door-opener to Africa

Together with Kenya’s largest hospital – the Kenyatta National Hospital – AME has implemented the “Mother & Child – Our Future” project in line with Kenya’s 2030 vision and the UN’s sustainable development goals. This initiative has enhanced intensive care, treatment and early diagnosis for mothers and infants, minimising misdiagnoses and overcoming the challenge of inadequate treatment resulting from the unavailability of modern medical equipment at the hospital.


Raise above cancer in Africa

In 2021, AME started various initiatives in Africa to support the continent in its fight against cancer. With our projects in Uganda, Burkina Faso and recently Togo, AME plays an active role in reducing the burden of cancer patients in Africa by implementing tertiary turn-key Cancer Centres.


Cardiology services for Uzbekistan

The lack of treatment for non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular) is a burden for the population of Uzbekistan. In collaboration with the local Government of Namangan Region, AME outfitted the newly renovated hospital in Namangan City with cutting-edge healthcare technology. This initiative not only addressed crucial deficiencies but also significantly improved access to healthcare, particularly in terms of cardiology, benefiting the population of Namangan and surrounding regions.   Two high-end angiography systems that enable unprecedented treatment methods are at the heart of the project.


Learning from COVID-19: AME’s flagship infectious disease project

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the global landscape. The Indonesian Air Force proactively addressed future infectious diseases, enhancing community resilience. Recognising a gap in health services, together with AME, authorities launched a project to establish a hospital dedicated to contagious diseases in Jakarta under the Air Force’s Health Services. Summer 2023 marked the beginning of construction for 10,000 square meters of highly specialised facilities.