We create healthcare impact that lasts

Using groundbreaking
technology to improve lives

Our mission is that the healthcare infrastructure we implement creates long-lasting value and impacts local people’s lives and the community as a whole. We pay particular attention to the project environment by working with local partners — taking the local culture, language, work ethics and the current healthcare infrastructure into account.

This way, we can create the best possible healthcare infrastructure. By always putting the patient first, we set priorities in our strategic and operational work. Aiming to create a better life for those patients and society as a whole. Working with us, means working with people who care and are always dedicated to delivering an impeccable service you can rely on.

Always put the patient first


Groundbreaking tech

We bring new healthcare technology to emerging countries — so they can benefit.


Long-lasting impact

We ensure project success by taking the local environment into account.


Impeccable service

As an approachable team, we offer personable service with fast decision-making and action.


High quality standards

Our team always strives for excellence, delivering an impeccable service you can rely on.


Holistic approach

We cover healthcare infrastructure from concept to a fully operational hospital.


Mutual respect

Respect, regardless of ethnicity and culture, as
well as having partners we trust — is vital to us.

that show
we care

How we work matters to us. Which is why we adhere
to the highest regulatory compliance standards in the industry.
We have received ISO certifications, that entail international
compliance standards. Our goals are in line with international Sustainable Development Goals (SGD goals) and Environmental, Social & Governance goals (ESG goals) — which we live and work by.

Behaviour &

Compliance is incredibly important to us. In fact, we are the first medium-sized company in Austria whose Anti Bribery Management System (ABMS) was successfully audited and certified under the ISO standards.

This highlights our unwavering commitment to a zero-tolerance attitude toward bribery and corruption.


AME is permanently certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard since 2002. Ensuring we operate at the latest quality standards.

The scope of our QMS certification covers technology projects within the healthcare sector: turnkey tertiary care hospital development, digital healthcare solutions and medical equipment packages.


Sustainable behaviour in all areas of the company is important to us – internal processes and structures, financing, cooperation with suppliers and partners as well as all our projects are geared towards having a positive impact on the environment and society.

With EcoZert, we have independent confirmation that we are a particularly sustainable company.